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26 March 2011

irssi + screen setup, features: a recap


So...What's it All About? maybe retro-computing?

Initially i had used (mostly offline) newsgroups as my main discussion mean  because back then was a period that Internet was accessible for all also without contracts but i had to pay my ISP  1€ every 2 hours of connection i guess   trough a 56 Kbps modem(in fact mostly used till 45Kbps).  When Adsl comes(i guess the first 2K)  i start cope with IRC.
Irssi was my second textual client after ircII and i love it. The real power of irssi is in his flexibility (alias his config file ~/.irssi/config). Generally speaking a textual client like irssi(relativelly to a Gui irc client) seems more finelly customizable and dynamic.
The first time out of the box a textual client is nothing special for a newbie. Power comes after one spend some time to know about the  IRC  system and start configure irssi. Out there are some reviews and howto's about irssi.
Here's another one diary based on my personal experience on irssi on a Ubuntu 10.4 LTS system (anyway irssi is a multiplatform software). Enough let's go on

Installation and basic use
For install only irssi .deb's users can follow Andrew's guide.
For screen + irssi instead follow the  Matt Sparks's guide or/and Lizzie's guide 

Let's go a bit deeper
Irssi’s /channel, /network, /server and /connect – What It Means


  1. Aaron Toponce's posts
  2. irc-in-extensive-view
  3. A list of all Internet Relay Chat commands (from IETF RFCs 1459 and 2812)
  4. CTCP spec

to be continued... ;-)

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